New workout regimes and diet plans, life coaching, therapy and apps designed to improve wellbeing are never good enough. So stand up straight, with your shoulders back.

To get better and become more exceptional, a code to live by is required. Reflecting a noble and self-sacrificing code of conduct, the search for inner peace and ethical certainty in an apparently chaotic world.

Serenity can be achieved by emulating in one's personal conduct the underlying orderliness and lawfulness of nature: Young men are looking for a strong identity and in the face of inevitable pain, loss, and death focus on one's own will and perception. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Neo-masculinity and emotional self-optimization are the key pillars of self-organizing networks: You are either green and growing or you are ripe and rotting.

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① Think Deep and Stand up Straight

② Move Your Mouse

③ Search for Inner Peace

④ Secure the Existence of our People

⑤ Focus and Strengthen Your Willpower